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RFR Icontest

An RFR Icon Contest Community

An RFR Icon Contest Community
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A special thanks to chipping for making the journal header.



Welcome to rfr_icontest! This is a community where we'll have a weekly themed icon contest.

Moderators: luckcantfindme-Vanessa

PLEASE NOTE: Stephanie and I are sisters, so we'll be able to make sure there is always a contest running. We are also permited to insult each other (in a friendly matter, of course) and constantly yell "SUP G-UNIT!". (Also note: We are not fans of G-Unit.)

Every week a new contest will be posted. Some possible themes could be: Pairings, lyrics, specific show caps, etc.


• You must first apply for membership to the community in order to enter your icons.

• In your application you must include at least two sample icons. Applications are to be sent to shewholaughslast_@hotmail.com. Please title your e-mail "Membership application". Also, please include your lj username in the e-mail so we know who to accept/not accept into the community.

• You may submit a maximum of two icons per contest.

• Icons must be LiveJournal compatiable (under 40KB and 100x100 pixels in size).

• The icon(s) you submit must be made by you. This means that you may not submit icons that you, or someone else has previously made/and or posted. Also, of course, no stealing.

• Do not use bases that are made by other lj users. You must create the base yourself from a cap you have, or one of the caps provided. (should there be some)

• All icon entries are to be posted as comments to the challenge post.

• With each submission, you must include a URL for the icon along with the image.

• Icons should not be posted for public use until the contest winners have been announced.

• When naming your icon, do not include your LJ username. We will be able to tell who has submitted it by the person who leaves the comment. Keep the names as short as possible.

• Do not vote for your own icon. The point of this community is to see how others feel about your work. Should you vote for your own creation, your vote will not be counted.

• Have fun!


Challenges will be posted on Sundays after the previous challenge's winners are announced. You will have until the following Friday at 12:00am to enter. Any late entries will not be counted. There will be a voting post on Saturday morning before 12:00pm and voting will close at 12 midnight. Icon entries MUST be posted as a comment to the challenge post.

To post your icon properly, see the example below:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

{The above icon was made by me, luckcantfindme. You are welcome to use it but please credit.}

Winners will be announced on Sunday nights, at which point the next week's contest will also be posted.

*The first contest is up and running!*