luckcantfindme (luckcantfindme) wrote in rfr_icontest,

Challenge #1

Hello everyone. We've decided not to wait until we obtain 10 members to post the first challenge. Instead, it will be posted today. The theme for this challenge is Parker Haynes. You must make an icon that includes Parker only. She cannot be coupled with someone, or in the picture with another character. Caps will not be provided for this challenge, so you'll have to find them yourself. There are quite a few caps in the RFR section of as well as at

EDIT: This contest will stay open until we get a minimum of six different people submitting icons. Since this is the first challenge, I expect it to take longer to obtain submissions, so voting will most likely be taking place at the beginning of July. I'll make another edit for dates and times voting will take place and winners will be announced.

Please remember: All entries must be sent in comments to this post. You are allowed to enter two icons maximum. Please view the user information to see the example of how to post your icon. Good luck everyone!

Vanessa and Stephanie
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