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[13 Jul 2005|12:58am]

The voting hasn't started for the first challenge yet because only two people have entered, and we only have a total of three icons entered. It would be great if those of you who are members could tell some of your lj friends who are fans of RFR about the community. I'm working full-time now since it's the summer, so it's hard to constantly be promoting. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me in getting this community out there.


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Sorry everyone. [07 Jun 2005|07:44pm]

Hey everyone.

I have some bad news for you all. Stephanie and I will not be able to use the computer until Saturday. Our internet is broken, and that is the earliest time someone can come to fix it. I am only able to write this now because I am at a friends house working on a school project. We will be doing voting a little later than usual, but will try to get the winners announced on Sunday. We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience.

Vanessa and Stephanie
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Challenge #1 [05 Jun 2005|03:11pm]

Hello everyone. We've decided not to wait until we obtain 10 members to post the first challenge. Instead, it will be posted today. The theme for this challenge is Parker Haynes. You must make an icon that includes Parker only. She cannot be coupled with someone, or in the picture with another character. Caps will not be provided for this challenge, so you'll have to find them yourself. There are quite a few caps in the RFR section of the-n.com as well as at http://rfrforeshadowed.net.

EDIT: This contest will stay open until we get a minimum of six different people submitting icons. Since this is the first challenge, I expect it to take longer to obtain submissions, so voting will most likely be taking place at the beginning of July. I'll make another edit for dates and times voting will take place and winners will be announced.

Please remember: All entries must be sent in comments to this post. You are allowed to enter two icons maximum. Please view the user information to see the example of how to post your icon. Good luck everyone!

Vanessa and Stephanie
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READ THE RULES! [30 May 2005|03:33pm]


I've already had two people request membership that haven't followed the application method correctly. You are to send two sample RFR icons to my e-mail, shewholaughslast_@hotmail.com and wait for my reply. If you do not follow this rule, and do not send me two sample icons, within three days of your request, I will be forced to deny your request to be a member of the community. I'm sorry to be such a biznatch but I'd really like to get this community up and running before the end of the week and in order to do that everyone has to co-operate and read the rules before requesting membership.

A special thanks to lovergirl933 who is the only person who has followed the rules and sent me two sample icons.
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Membership [29 May 2005|10:27pm]

Welcome to rfr_icontest!

If you haven't read the rules yet, I'd suggest doing that now. Right now, we'd just like to expand on what is said about joining the community.

After joining the community on the user info page, your membership will be pending. You will then have to send two icons as a sample of your work to:

shewholaughslast_@hotmail.com or

With the subject line "Membership application". We're not looking for the greatest icon makers in the world by asking you to apply, we're just looking for people who spend time on their work instead of just putting text on a picture in Paint. Your application will be accepted within a maximum of two days, and you will recieve an e-mail confirming your acceptance.

We're looking forward to having many great icon makers join our community. More will be posted as we have more members join.

- Vanessa & Stephanie
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